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Who are we ?

Since its creation in 1995, FLB shaped, thermoform and developed products for the protection of telecommunication networks.
FLB has an extensive portfolio of products that meets the requirements of our customers across France and distributes its product range from specialized distributors.
Our production and sales team are with you in your development thanks to its experience and its professionalism.


We design and adapt our tools to meet the market requirements.
Our research unit allows un a great flexibility et speed for any specific request.
Since its creation, FLB constantly has invested in modernisation of its tools and its production capacity, in optimisation of its logistics activities.


Our production plant is located near Béthune in the Pas-de-Calais, north of France.
We are capable to answer all your requests of small, medium or big set with the certainty of 100% Made in France.
We work PE, PP, PVC in a slab or Tube.
Our park tool and our skill will allow you to obtain the guarantee of a reliable and economicalproduct.